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Supporting Logistics Workforce Development

Like Eaton Services Group, the JetBest Group has a long history in our region. Starting from the humble beginnings of a Brisbane General Store in the late 1930s and growing to become one of Australia’s premier fresh fruit marketing, wholesaling, and logistics businesses. Recently our CEO Steven Tapsall was invited to speak with the latest Jet Best Group Development Program recruits on life and business experiences. Steve talked about understanding your point of difference, career progression and sharing his 30 years of experience in business development, operations, and customer service.

The JetBest Development Program is a dynamic and successful mentoring program for newcomers to the wholesaling and logistics community. Participants are offered an opportunity to build industry relationships, gain valuable market education and learn from external industry experts on business growth, accountability, and the importance of networking for the future. After completing the program, participants have shown exceptional customer service and longevity in employment tenure. They are also better equipped to actively pursue future opportunities in fresh food's domestic and export markets.

We are proud to have supported such a fantastic initiative, and we look forward to helping the logistics sector and its future workforce grow.

Learn more: JetBest Development Program


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