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Our Management Team

Our team offers extensive experience and capability across all Commercial Cleaning and Facility Management Services, enabling us to deliver the right people, right service, and the right solution for you. 

For over 110 years, Eaton Services Group has been in operation, collaborating across various industries to execute multiple cleaning, maintenance, and facility management agreements. Backed by our team's collective expertise, we possess the capability and proficiency to provide intricate cleaning and maintenance solutions tailored to your facility's needs. Our dedicated Senior Executive Team, driven by passion and commitment, guides our business forward.

Bert Smits

Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Bert Smits boasts an impressive 35-year tenure in the cleaning industry, enriching Eaton Services Group with his extensive experience and expertise. With a track record of owning and managing thriving Commercial Cleaning Companies across New Zealand and Australia, Bert excels in cultivating strong customer relationships. He keenly understands their unique requirements and consistently endeavours to innovate, seeking novel and efficient methods to tailor services that precisely meet their needs.

Theresa Smits

Executive Director

With a professional tenure spanning over 25 years, Theresa brings a wealth of expertise in administration, management, sales, and marketing to the forefront. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident through the ownership of numerous thriving business ventures. Additionally, Theresa's extensive banking and finance background is a significant advantage to the Eaton Group, enhancing our strategic capabilities and financial acumen.

Steven Tapsall

Chief Executive Officer

As our accomplished leader and the CEO of Eaton Services Group, Steven brings 25 years of Industrial and Facility Services expertise to the forefront. A seasoned executive leader, Steven is driven by a commercial focus and possesses the ability to cultivate lasting customer relationships while fostering collaborative team environments. At the heart of our organisation, Steven plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing strategic initiatives, procedural compliance, and governance throughout the business.

Luke Gooding

Business Development Manager

With over twenty years of experience in commercial cleaning, property management, and industrial product sales, Luke is a seasoned professional known for his strategic customer solutions and service excellence. His extensive career has enabled him to assist clients in overcoming challenges and achieving outstanding results. Luke has a proven track record of building and maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with each of our clients. As our Business Development Manager, his dedication to delivering exceptional, friendly, and prompt service is unmatched.

Teresa Robinson

Group Operations Manager

Teresa brings over twenty years of invaluable Regional Management experience to Eaton Services Group, with expertise spanning multiple sectors such as commercial, education, industrial, healthcare, aviation, aged care, and domestic services, among others. With a profound commitment to operational excellence, client relationships, and staff development, Teresa prioritises establishing strong business partnerships with our clients.


Our team of supervisors is strategically positioned across all regions, boasting industry experience spanning from 5 to 20 years, and backed by a workforce exceeding 450 individuals. Equipped with comprehensive training and mobile systems, our supervisors are empowered to ensure genuine service fulfilment. They receive robust support from our Operations and Administrative departments, fostering an environment conducive to superior service delivery.

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