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Periodic Cleaning

Our team offer periodical, deep and high-level cleaning for areas within your facility not usually cleaned during regular, daily or weekly maintenance. 


Our tailored periodical programs are designed to support your current cleaning activities, and can seamlessly slot into your facilities yearly maintenance plan. We work with you to find the most suitable solutions for your space. Our team has the knowledge, equipment and experience to handle even the most challenging task. We offer flexible schedules to minimise disruption to your business and are always on-call for any additional incidents or complex cleaning problems.

Window & High-Level Cleaning

Internal and external cleaning at both hand height and high level

• Windows & glass fencing
• Elevators & glass doors
• Roof washing & gutter cleaning
• High facade cleaning
• Shade sail cleaning

Floor Cleaning & Upholstery

Solutions to clean and maintain flooring, carpet and upholstery

• Hard floor maintenance & resealing
• Carpet cleaning
• Vinyl flooring rejuvenation
• Upholstery & furniture cleaning
• High-pressure water blasting 

Maintenance & Building Washdown

Ongoing maintenance and tailored building wash down services 

• Periodic building washdown
• Common area cleaning
• Warehouse & cold room cleans
• Facility maintenance

Health & Wellbeing Cleaning

Periodic disinfection to help reduce the risk of infection and contamination

• High and low touch point cleaning
• Antibacterial fogging
• Deep disinfection and sanitisation


We understand the challenge businesses face balancing quality and price. To meet this challenge, we use the latest technologies and experienced staff to help reduce the periodical cleaning times and costs. Examples of our quality results:

Shade Sail Cleaning
Periodical Roof Cleaning
High-level Building Wash Down
We work with you to deliver the right frequency of
periodical cleaning suited to your facility
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