Quality Assurance

At Eaton’s we have developed quality control systems proven to deliver a consistent high level of service. Our competent staff are paramount in ensuring this high level of service is maintained.


We have strict quality control methods in place, including random site inspections by management using our mobile application - QAIR - and strict adherence to BSI accreditation. 

The 3 BSI pillars (Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety) all have relative documentation to permit the functional ability to drive performance and manage the business proactively. The frameworks in each pillar, set up and supported by a technological approach through QAIR, deliverability is enhanced from the systems and processes deployed.

Company App - QAIR


With the use of our company's new mobile app, QAIR, we have the ability to provide real time quality control reports, specific to the individual sites. This enables both head office and our clients to keep informed on current jobs and allows Eaton's to rectify any required adjustments in a timely manner.

The app allows mobilisation of our operations, removing manual processes, and managing the engagement of our team with automated date/time management and geo-technology to accurately record where staff are placed.

  • Real time reporting providing high transparency between our team, head office, and you​

  • GPS tracking make sure that our team are where they need to be on time

  • Asset tracking monitors use and sends alerts when an asset enters/leaves a premises to reduce misplacement and theft

  • Staff access to current training information and manuals

  • Automated check lists allow supervisors to monitor productivity

  • Inventory tracking alerts supervisors when stock is low and tracks the use of materials and equipment to reduce wastage

International Accreditation 

Eaton Services Group holds a triple certified and internationally accredited management system compliant with industry standards.

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