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A fogtastic start to the term

During this uncertain time, it’s great when we get the chance to share some good news. This week brings the start of a new school term and it’s unlike anything we have seen before. Schools are faced with the daunting challenge of catering to both online learning and on campus education.

We wanted to take a moment and congratulate each of our schools on a sensational start. All have been working hard to get their schools ready for Day 1, ensuring they can provide an environment that is clean, sanitised and safe to occupy.

To support many of our schools’ our cleaning operatives have been busy cleaning, sanitising and fogging many classrooms to provide maximum protection and peace of mind to students, families and teachers. To give you a little glimpse behind the scenes, take a look at our team in action this week.

What's so great about fogging?

Antibacterial fogging is an effective surface sanitising and barrier protectant fog. It coats surfaces, creating a durable long-lasting barrier on surfaces. Our product is tested and certified for up to 99.9% effectiveness against a broad range of germs and bacteria.

It’s important to note, fogging is not a replacement for routine cleaning and is intended to be a protective barrier application.

Moment of the week!

So great to see the team at Rivermount College enjoying the benefits of our antimicrobial fogging during their RMC clean. Take a quick look on their Facebook page @rivermountcollege to see their creative video of our latest treatment.

Rivermount College RMC Clean Done & Dusted 2020
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