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Somerville House Foundation Golf Day

Eaton Services Group's Impactful Day at Somerville House Foundation Golf Day 2023

At Eaton Services Group, we take immense pride in providing top-notch cleaning and facility management services and actively contributing to our community. This commitment to community support recently led us to participate in the Somerville House Foundation Golf Day 2023, a remarkable event that showcased our dedication and raised over $33,000 for a noble cause.

A Day of Golf and Giving

The Somerville House Foundation Golf Day is an annual event that brings together individuals and businesses with a shared passion for philanthropy and golf. This year, our team eagerly joined the event, knowing that our support would contribute to purchasing essential equipment for the renowned sporting facility, SomerFields. This fantastic school facility plays a crucial role in nurturing and developing athletic talent, offering a platform for aspiring athletes to thrive.

Empowering Women's Sports

As the world united in celebrating the inspiring journey of the Matildas during the FIFA World Cup, we couldn't help but recognise the importance of supporting women's sports at all levels. The power of sports in fostering confidence, teamwork, and personal growth cannot be understated. With the Matildas' remarkable performances capturing hearts worldwide, we are hopeful that more events like the Somerville House Foundation Golf Day will emerge to bolster Australian women's sports, particularly at the grassroots level.

Through our participation in the Golf Day and wholehearted support for SomerFields, we are proud to be part of a broader mission to advance women's sports. With its exceptional playing fields and courts, Somerville House provides the perfect environment for generations of young girls to cultivate their skills and enjoy the numerous benefits of competitive sports. We dare to dream they might even be the home of future Matildas, inspiring us all with their determination and excellence.

Heartfelt Appreciation

We extend our gratitude to the Somerville House Foundation Golf Day organisers. It was a vibrant, fun-filled day of camaraderie, competition, and, most importantly, a day dedicated to positive impact.

At Eaton Services Group, we measure success by business growth and the positive change we create. Our participation in the Somerville House Foundation Golf Day 2023 embodies this commitment. We eagerly anticipate more chances to contribute, shaping a better, inclusive future where everyone, regardless of gender, thrives in sports.


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