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Swinging Success - Annual BBC Golf Day

Greetings, golf enthusiasts! Picture this: November 3, 2023, at The Brisbane Golf Club in Yeerongpilly— the Annual BBC Golf Day where Eaton Services Group hit the green scene.

We didn’t come away with the top prize (congrats, Team Packer Leather!), but we were in the mix, soaking up the spirited atmosphere. “Haz Beens” claimed second, and “Williams and Seb” nailed third. Impressive, right?

On the Greens

It was a fantastic day of friendly competition, networking, and perfecting our swings. Kudos to our CEO Steven Tapsall and Group Sales Manager Greg Holmes for representing Eaton Services Group on the green.

Philanthropic Drive

Beyond golf, the day's heart? Philanthropy. All proceeds went straight to the OCA Old Boys' Bursary, resonating with our values of giving back. We want to give a big round of applause to players, sponsors, and organisers for making the day a hit. Special thanks to Leanne Smith and Mike Smith for the invite and a fantastic day out!

Beyond Golf: A Celebration

The BBC Golf Day was more than swings and putts; it celebrated community, collaboration, and giving back. Eaton Services Group can’t wait to tee off again next year!


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