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Coming Together for RUOK Day

Team Spirit at Eaton Services Group

Imagine a gathering of remarkable cleaners uniting for a cause that transcends the mere realm of cleaning. This is the heart of Eaton Services Group. With a heritage spanning 111 years in dedicated commercial cleaning and facility management, our team's expertise extends beyond cleanliness; they exemplify camaraderie and holistic well-being. And here's the exciting news: We're wholeheartedly embracing this year's RUOK Day on September 14th!

Beyond Tidying Up: Nurturing Minds and Hearts

While our team is undoubtedly skilled in the art of commercial cleaning, our aspirations as a collective reach far beyond; we're committed to safeguarding the mental wellness of our team members and the communities we serve. RUOK Day serves as a platform for us to stand alongside our community, showcasing the potency of a simple conversation.

The Strength of a Single Question

RUOK Day revolves around a single, potent question that embodies authentic concern: "R U OK?" With a team of over 400 strong, we understand that the act of checking in on one another holds the power to alleviate burdens and illuminate someone's day. Our mission goes beyond tidiness; we aim to elevate spirits and ensure the well-being of both our team and those we serve.

Four Simple Steps, One Profound Impact

To fortify this great cause, let's delve into the four fundamental yet profound steps that fuel the success of RUOK Day:

ASK THE QUESTION: "R U OK?"—a short phrase with boundless impact. The very act of asking echoes as a promise of support.

LISTENING EARS: Give the gift of unwavering attention. No judgments, no distractions—just focused, sincere listening.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Advocate for positive action—guide those around you towards seeking assistance or pursuing a constructive path. These gestures can hold immeasurable significance.

SUSTAINED CONNECTIONS: Keep the conversation alive. Reconnecting later highlights our continuing care.

Embarking on this Journey Together

So, at the core of RUOK Day for us is this essence. At Eaton Services Group, we're more than just cleaners; we're steadfast supporters of our community and coworkers. On this September 14th, RUOK Day, we're joining hands (and mops) to amplify awareness. Remember, this endeavour doesn't require expertise; it's a testament to being compassionate team members and attentive listeners.

Learn More and Join Us

To explore further, visit and jump into this movement with us. Our team remains dedicated to proving that a brief conversation can wield a genuine impact. Together, let's work to support those around us—because we're not just a team; we're a tightly-knit community that truly cares.


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