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Aircraft Hangar Cleaning

Good housekeeping is an essential part of maintaining a safe aircraft hangar. However, cleanliness can often be challenging to achieve, given the number of contaminants left from planes being spread by the movement of planes, equipment, and foot traffic within the hangar. Adding to this are dust particles and airborne debris that can blow through hangar doors when open, leaving a continual soil trail.

Keeping floors clean and safe is always a priority for operators; however, without the right machinery or products, maintaining and cleaning your aircraft hangar is a laborious and challenging job. The team at Eaton Services Group are fortunate to have extensive experience in cleaning large warehouses, docks, industrial floors, and aviation hangers, like the one pictured below. We have the right equipment and specialised products to support the removal of tenacious debris on the hangar floor, including tar, scuff marks, oil, and grease.


Recent hangar floor rejuvenation in South East Queensland - the results speak for themselves.

Are you looking for more information? Contact us for more details on your industrial, warehouse, commercial or aviation cleaning requirements.


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