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Flood Recovery Reflection

As Central NSW and parts of South Australia and Victoria are experiencing a severe rain bomb event, we are reminded of February 2022, when SEQ and Northern NSW endured weeks of flooding and devastation. As the rain continued throughout February and March, we saw our region engulfed by rain. Thousands of riverside properties and businesses became inundated with flood waters as local rivers and stream levels rose.

Picture: Suncoast Fresh

Wanting to help, we assembled our ESG Flood Relief team, who were ready and waiting to support once the flood waters subsided. Paying close attention to our clients most at risk, our team watched as many of their properties became submerged or inaccessible. This period was immensely challenging for all involved; however, it is humbling to remember how our community shines during such adversity. An example of how the people rallied can be reflected within the gates of the Brisbane Markets (BML). The site was no stranger to floods, having suffered many times throughout history and was again being devastated by flood water.

BML, home to approximately 100 wholesale businesses, supplies a vast amount of SEQ's fresh produce. During the early 2022 flood, they were faced with mass loss of fresh produce, structural damage and loss of income. However, the people operating within this facility are resilient and refuse to give up under adversity. Our team was proud to join many others to progressively clean each of the individual operator facilities to get them back to operating as soon as possible. The clean-up process was extensive, with mass human resources needed to get the job done.

Joining the Australian Defence Force, Brisbane City Council (Rapid Relief), Origin Energy and the Rural Fire Brigade, we worked together to assess the damage, remove debris, and clean, restore and mitigate mould as it tried to take hold. Numerous other providers dedicated their time, and each person's efforts were needed and appreciated by all.

"Everyone went above and beyond to get the site back up and running, and their strength of character in the face of ongoing challenges is remarkable," said BML Chair Anthony Kelly.

Picture: Brisbane Markets Limited.

These devastating floods affected the lives and livelihoods of many, with some businesses only getting back on their feet eight months later. With such inspiring recovery efforts made, it is essential to remember that what makes South East Queensland great is the people and the community we have within it.

We wish all those affected by the current rain event in Central NSW, South Australia and Victoria the best during a difficult time; please stay safe and remember you are never alone. With the support of the community, we can clean up and rebuild.


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