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Increased Cleaning for Queensland Schools

With border closures and restrictions on the rise this term, many of our South East Queensland schools have elected to increase the amount of cleaning their school receives in response to an increased risk of COVID-19 outbreak.

Many have added additional cleaning resources throughout the day, focused on the high touch point locations, and added a monthly fogging application to ensure the transmission risks are reduced even further.

Schools are also paying renewed attention to health and hygiene measures, including increasing the frequency of cleaning toilet facilities and providing additional soap and sanitiser.

All our schools continue to work in line with advice from all of Australia’s Chief Health Officers, ensuring the health, wellbeing and safety of staff and students remains the highest priority throughout this crisis.

Here is just one example of the increased effort from one of our local SEQ independent schools - application of a scheduled monthly fogging service.

At Eaton Services Group, we understand the vital importance of our services and are proud to be engaged by many reputable schools across SEQ – we are here to help manage this public health issue.

Remember, we offer 24/7 emergency support to each of our customers. We know that we can be an essential part of keeping Queensland students and staff safer by taking immediate action.

If you have a general or deep cleaning question, are team are available to help. Get in touch via the contact form on our home page.


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