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Site Supervisor Day 2023 • Reflect & Reset

Eaton Services Group recently hosted a Site Supervisor Day that left us feeling inspired and motivated. The theme for the day was Reflect and Reset, which gave us a chance to look back on the past three years and all the challenges we've faced. From Covid-19 to bushfires and floods, we've had our fair share of obstacles to overcome. However, we've learned that resilience is key and that by working together, we can achieve anything.

The day was filled with meaningful discussions around safety, quality, and the environment. We were reminded that safety is not just a priority but an attitude that begins with each one of us. We discussed the importance of being aware of potential hazards and recognising behaviours that can lead to accidents or injuries. It was a powerful reminder that safety is free and something we should all practice in abundance.

We also discussed the Blue Apple theory, which symbolises the importance of being different and thinking outside the box. It's about finding new opportunities and always striving to be innovative. This theory encouraged us to be bold and stand out in our industry.

One of the day's highlights was a surprise guest speaker "Gillian Spaulding", who shared her inspiring story with us. Gillian's words reminded us of what great leadership looks like and inspired us to be better versions of ourselves.

Finally, we discussed the importance of quality and the environment. We talked about the steps we can take to minimise our impact on the environment while delivering high-quality work. It's about being responsible and always keeping safety at the forefront of our minds.

Overall, the Site Supervisor Day was a productive and engaging event that reminded us of the importance of workplace safety, quality, and innovation. It was a powerful reminder that we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our goals by working together. We left the event feeling inspired and motivated to make a positive difference in the world.

Thank you to all the team members that joined us; we look forward to our next team catch-up in the coming months.


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