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Strip & Seal for Hard Flooring

When cleaning vinyl, tile or marble flooring, a strip and seal clean is a terrific way to remove grime and replace shine for your hard flooring. Depending on the location, floors are exposed to sustained abrasion from regular foot or trolley traffic, spills, dirt, and debris, which, without protection, can cause scuffing and clouding of the surface. It's important to have them stripped and sealed regularly to protect the longevity and shine of your floor.


The process of stripping and sealing floors is a specialised service that typically involves three steps – stripping the floor, applying a base coat(s), and applying a top sealer(s). The number of coats required varies based on floor type and use.

The method is used for stripping away the coats of grime, cleaning film, or worn sealant on your flooring and resealing the surface. This process delivers longer-lasting results when professionally executed using commercial-grade equipment.

The stripping process varies depending on the condition of the floor and when your last strip and seal were. If you have the service as part of your general maintenance schedule, the likelihood of needing to strip more than the top layer is slim. However, if the floor has not been stripped and sealed for over two years, the likelihood of needing a complete strip back is exceptionally high.


The finish is shiny, polished, and appealing to guests when new flooring is installed. Unfortunately, over time a floor's surface can lose its lustre if not correctly maintained or sealed.

Here are a few benefits of having a regular strip and seal:

  • Cleaning the surface of the floor becomes more effortless, with soil and grime more readily washed away.

  • Enhanced colour and improved shine.

  • The floor will last longer with regular maintenance.

  • Your business can save on possible early replacement of a floor and weekly cleaning times.

  • It provides an added barrier against bacteria penetration, supporting the prevention of future health hazards.

  • Your business maintains a professional and clean look.


A strip and seal is best suited to hard flooring surfaces like vinyl, tile and marble. These flooring surfaces are generally safe to have a strip and seal; however, we always recommend referring to your flooring manufacturer's instructions to guide you on the best option for caring for your floors.


The effects of having a professional strip and seal can be realised in the below images of our recent service of one of our customer's warehouses on the Gold Coast. These images do speak volumes about the result.

The benefits provide an excellent reason to update your facility's floors, returning them to their past shine and cleanliness. For more information on having your facility floors stripped and sealed, contact our experts – Phone at 1800 807 057.


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