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3 Healthy Benefits to Commercial Pressure Washing

When contemplating pressure washing for your commercial building, many understand the visual benefits like boosting curb appeal, improving property value and saving time or money.

Many might not think of the health, environmental and well-being benefits associated with commercial pressure washing. However, here are 3 healthy benefits of commercial pressure washing that can't be ignored.

1. Helps prevent allergies and sickness

When contaminants and pollutants like mould and algae invade the facades and surfaces in and around your building for a prolonged time, permanent damage can ensue. What is more alarming is this accumulation of mildew, mould, and other bacteria on surfaces can be harmful to those working or operating within and around the building.

These contaminants and pollutants can cling to surfaces and cause health problems like respiratory issues and allergies. Has your business or school experienced any additional sick days lately? It might be time to get your facility and its surrounding areas professionally pressure washed.

2. Protects against hazardous falls or slips

Professional pressure washing and cleaning can also help prevent slips and falls in and around your facility. For example, by pressure washing sidewalks, walkways, sporting courts, parking garages and other surfaces, you can help clear the area of grease, mould and other substances that can cause employees, students or guests to slip and hurt themselves on the building's property.

3. Environmentally friendly

Commercial pressure washing is environmentally friendly:

Non-toxic: Toxic substances are not necessary to facilitate the services. Even though commercial pressure washing may require chemical use, there is a range of suitable products that are effective and friendly for the environment. The high-pressure water is the main ingredient when removing substances from the building's façade.

Saves water: Due to the high pressure at which water is expelled from the system, a commercial high-pressure washer uses significantly less water than a garden hose. It is estimated that you can use 50-70% less water with a pressure washing system. This is good for the environment and your finances.

Look at our recent Commercial Pressure Washing at Loreto College in Queensland. The school has always been dedicated to ensuring its students and faculty are safe, and the cleaning of their sporting facilities is just one example.

Regular commercial pressure washing will keep your property and its surrounding areas looking their best and keep your occupants safer and healthier. We recommend using a professional pressure washing expert for these services to ensure the job is done safely, efficiently and with the right products.

Contact us today if you want your property to remain healthy for occupants and make the maintenance of your commercial property easier.


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