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Periodical Cleaning - Before & After

Having a regular cleaning schedule for daily and weekly tasks is essential; however, periodic cleaning is another vital service that businesses should include in their yearly plan. These services are designed to address niche areas of your facility that may not get thoroughly cleaned after each use, or during your current weekly cleaning schedule.

When periodic cleaning is missed or neglected, it can make it hard to suitably maintain a high standard of hygiene, cleanliness or presentation through just daily cleaning. Periodic, deep cleaning is ideal for addressing the cleanliness and sanitisation of hard to reach surfaces without adding steps to your daily sanitation program.

Periodic cleaning services can include floor care services, such as carpet cleaning, hard floor rejuvenation, or high-level building wash downs. With many buildings having expensive fixtures and finishes, planned preventative maintenance protects these assets. It ensures they stay looking like they did when they were new. The regularity of this cleaning is entirely dependent on your needs.

Periodic cleaning programs are designed to be robust and address sanitation gaps, which are often directly linked to environmental findings or potential food safety issues. We understand the challenge businesses face balancing quality and budget. To meet this challenge, we use the latest technologies and experienced staff to reduce periodical cleaning times and costs.

Below are some examples of our latest periodical services, the high quality results speak for themselves:





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