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Cleaning up through COVID

BUILD Magazine has named Eaton Services Group (ESG) as the Best Facilities Management Company 2020 – Australia.

Many things fell into place for the family-owned Loganholme-based company in 2020, working on the front line, providing preventive and COVID-19 deep cleaning services.

ESG, Executive General Manager Steven Tapsall said, despite some clients closing for spells, the company strengthened its service offering and came through the year ‘pretty well.

“We were fortunate to be able to continue serving our core client base, with a large portion of our business centred around education, commercial and industrial facilities in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales,” he says.

“We changed from a predominately after-hours cleaning operation to a safe passage risk assurance model.

“This is where we clean and sanitise high touch point surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, desks, and handrails, up to five times during a work or school day.

“We offered deep cleaning and disinfection overnight and on weekends, ensuring all areas were covered where COVID-19 might be present.

“We had numerous cases, mostly in education, where we were required to undertake a full deep clean. Our people wore protective body suits and decontaminated each facility from top to bottom.”

Steven says ESG uses new and unique cleaning technologies that meet the challenges of disinfecting large sites without using dangerous chemicals.

“Some time ago, we invested in advanced equipment that produces Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, or SAO. The system energises water that is dispensed as a sanitiser that’s stronger than bleach,” he says.

“It’s sustainable, and staff aren’t exposed to unnecessary chemicals or environmental hazards.”

Steven says COVID-19 deep cleans are performed in three essential stages in a labour-intensive process.

“The first stage is to clean every surface with approved regular cleaning agents. The application of TGA-registered disinfectants follows this, and the final step is applying an antibacterial or sanitising fog.

“We have some products that reach everything and have a 30-day life. Depending on the size of the facility, deep cleaning can take about 16-18 hours. We use a product called ZOONO®, which was one of the first to be registered with TGA.”

With more than 400 team members looking after 300 commercial sites across Townsville, South East Queensland, and Melbourne, the company has its sights set on continuing to grow through customer and staff loyalty.

“We’ve got so many great clients who trust us with their facilities and property management responsibilities,” he says.

“We’re also proud of the long-term tenure of our people. We have team members who are receiving their five and 10-year service awards. It’s pretty unique within the cleaning industry.”


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