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External Pressure Washing – Before & After

Nothing is more frustrating than watching the exterior of your facility become overrun with stains, mould, grime, chewing gum, oil or other stubborn stains that accumulate over time. These nasty-looking elements can quickly become an eyesore for your facility, may cause severe damage to the structure of the property, and could even create hazards for anyone using the space.

The good news is that by using commercial grade pressure washing, we can support you in restoring your facility's façade, pathways, and external structures to their former glory. Ensuring your facility is well presented, clean and safe for occupants. Resorting curbside appeal by cleaning the grimy surfaces to reveal a fresh, clean, and appropriate facade is always satisfying. There is nothing quite like the results you, your staff, occupants, and guests will see!


See the difference in these recent before and after pictures taken from one of our recent periodicals clean at a Brisbane Education facility.

Pressure Washing Exterior Stairs
Pressure Washing Exterior Pathways & Access Ramps

High-pressure cleaning is suitable for many hard, rough surfaces and hard to reach areas requiring cleaning—driveway stains, paved areas, parking lots, exterior walls, fences, outdoor furniture, etc. It is a versatile, accurate and efficient cleaning method that can also help with complex tasks such as removing graffiti or chewing gum from walls and pathways.

Pressure Washing Playgrounds, Entry & Undercover Areas

Here are a couple more pictures of the results we achieved.

Get in touch with our experienced commercial cleaning team, if you would like to learn more about any of our General Cleaning, Periodical or Pressure Washing Services.


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