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Thank Your Cleaner Day - 20th Oct 2021

Tomorrow is a day to be celebrated; tomorrow is Thank Your Cleaner Day!

Thank Your Cleaner Day™ was launched in Australia some years ago, supported by the world-renowned brand Karcher. Since then, it's grown to be a global initiative celebrating the valuable contribution cleaners make to our communities every day. As recent events have shown, cleaning is one of the most essential services in the world today, yet most people undertaking this vital work receive little or no recognition. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our own fantastic team's hard work and dedication over the past 12 months. Your resilience, passion for service and commitment to providing quality cleaning is second to none. Thank You Eaton's Team, you are amazing!

Thank Your Cleaner Day™ is a chance for us to come together to recognise and thank the people who keep every workplace, education facility, factory, office, restaurant, hotel, or public building clean, safe and hygienic for the people who occupy it.

Tomorrow, October 20th, 2021, we encourage everyone to let their facilities cleaning staff know they recognise and value their work. People can easily get involved and thank their cleaners by:

  • Saying thank you to your cleaner in person

  • Send a thank-you email to all your cleaner

  • Post something on social media to tell everyone about your favourite cleaner

  • Leave a little note or give your cleaner a small gift

  • Donate to a charity on behalf of your cleaner

We all like to feel valued and appreciated, and tomorrow is the perfect chance to show our appreciation.

We are sure you will agree that cleaning is one of the most essential duties globally, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet most people undertaking this vital work is hidden behind the scenes or somewhat invisible to the world. Our cleaners work days, nights, and weekends to keep our customers working environment clean, safe, and hygienic, and we think they do a fantastic job.

On behalf of our team, we wanted to say a special "Thank You!" to every one of our sensational staff. We are proud to have many staff members who have worked for Eaton's long-term (some for over fifteen years). Each of our team members has been passionate about their work and remains dedicated to upholding the Eaton Services Group promise of delivering high-quality cleaning and facility services across our client portfolio.

So tomorrow, please take the time to say Thank You to your local cleaner. Thank Your Cleaner Day™ truly is an excellent opportunity to recognise your cleaners' hard work and let them know they are valued and appreciated.

Happy Thank Your Cleaner Day™, everyone!

To learn more about Thank Your Clean Day™ - visit

Image credit - Karcher Australia


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