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Mental Awareness Foundation Luncheon

Last week, our Executive General Manager, Steven Tapsall, was invited by the General Manager of Trusted Pest Management, Mathew Ross, to the Mental Awareness Foundation 'MAF' Charity Luncheon in Brisbane.

After losing two close friends to suicide, one of the MAF Founders, Wesley Vasile, shared the very personal reason why the Foundation was initially created. The day was an excellent opportunity to meet with other like-minded organisations and was a positive reminder for us to take more time to support those around us, especially those suffering from mental health or depression.

Host and charity Founder, Wesley, gave insight into the reality of Mental Health in Australia and should be congratulated on the Foundation's extraordinary efforts to raise over $5 million since 2010. A large part of their yearly fundraising comes from their flagship event 'Walk for Awareness' held on 10 October. This annual event has fast become recognised as Australia's most extensive Mental Health walk, with over 4000 individuals taking to Brisbane's streets.

From their efforts and the donations of many, MAF has extended help to many grassroots charities and organisations in the mental health sector like Suicide Prevention Pathways, The Sunlight Centre, and Mates in Construction. A special thank you to the organisers of the Luncheon, and all those who attended. Eaton Services Group is looking forward to sharing in the next event.

If you would like to be on the front line of mental health support, this is a fantastic foundation with a message that inspires. Visit the Mental Awareness Foundation for more information.

Dates to include in your October calendar -

Need help?.

If you are in need of urgent support or are worried about someone, please contact your local GP (doctor) or get in touch with one of the many helpful organisations that can be found online. If your need is life threatening, call 000.

Helpful links -

Suicide Call Back Service -

Kids Helpline -

Reach Out! -

Beyondblue Info Line -

Queensland Government - Your Mental Wellbeing -


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