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Benefits Of Dust Removal During Periodic Cleaning

Dust is an unnecessary evil for most workplaces. Once in the air, it can create an unhealthy work environment, reduce workplace safety, look unsightly, and even be a source of harmful bacteria.

As dust is dispersed from various materials, such as stone, vegetation, and wood, it can be breathed in and cause severe cell damage. This is where periodic dust cleaning of your facility becomes a great idea.

Many businesses require daily cleaning as standard, which usually removes excess dust from low lying, accessible areas. However, there are many locations throughout a building that are missed during the day-to-day cleaning. Sites can include fans, window sills, roof beams and walls.

For some industries like medical facilities, laboratories or restaurants, regular dust removal is paramount, with the highest level of cleanliness required every day. However, for others, the cleaning schedule does not need to be this strict. Therefore, some areas can be completed less frequently. A business that does not necessarily need daily dust cleaning but would benefit from periodic cleaning is general offices, gyms, retail stores, apartment buildings and schools.

Six reasons why removing dust is a good idea:

  1. It improves occupant health

  2. It provides a more pleasant workplace for staff

  3. It improves your company’s image

  4. It can enhance productivity

  5. It can help meet recommended safety guidelines

  6. It reduces the number of hazardous substances

Essentially, by adding dust removal to your Periodic Cleaning schedule, you can ensure the task is carried out throughout the year as needed. This could be weekly, monthly, or even less than that. You can have a professional cleaner like Eaton Services Group arranged to attend regularly or on an agreed basis. The idea is that your facility is professionally cleaned and dust-free, but you don’t have to commit to cleaning more frequently than you need.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at some recent periodical dust removal works completed at a local South East Queensland education facility.

Before and after periodical dust removal

Need dust removal?

Eaton Services Group prides itself on providing unparalleled cleaning services for customers throughout the year. If you are looking for a cleaning partner who delivers great results, which will give you peace of mind, contact our experienced team on 1800 807 057.


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