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Unforgettable Experience at the ASBA Conference

September 2023 - Melbourne

ASBA Conference 2023

The Eaton Services Group (ESG) team recently had the privilege of attending the Twenty-Second Biennial ASBA National Conference in the vibrant city of Melbourne. With our CEO, Steven Tapsall, and Group Sales Manager, Greg Holmes, on board, this event was not to be missed.

ASBA is the hub that brings together over 1,400 Bursars, Business Managers, and Business Administrators from independent schools across Australasia. It's an excellent opportunity for delegates to boost their professional development and network with others across Australia, and Melbourne was the perfect backdrop for this year's gathering.

ASBA is known for choosing thought-provoking themes that challenge the very essence of education, and this year was no different. This year was about 'Innovate, Motivate, Integrate.' ASBA believes that these three elements hold the key to the future of education, and the conference program reflected that belief.

Our team seized the opportunity to strengthen our long-standing relationships within the education community. It's incredible how much you can learn and share when surrounded by like-minded individuals equally passionate about the industry's future.

But what's a conference without some fantastic speakers, right? ASBA 2023 brought together a lineup of influential figures who shared their wisdom on this year's theme. Dr. Jordan Nguyen wowed delegates with his insights on technology and futureproofing (INNOVATE), Gus Worland motivated the attendees by emphasising the importance of community (MOTIVATE), and Dylan Alcott, a tennis sporting legend, spoke about being a game-changer (INTEGRATE). These were just a few of the incredible voices that graced the stage.

Before we wrap up, congratulations to Damien Jackson from Grace Lutheran College, who walked away with our ESG conference prize – a magnum of Oakridge local wine. Congratulations, Damien! We hope you enjoy it!

Our calendars are already marked for the next event in May 2024 because we believe in being at the forefront when it comes to education.

Finally, a big thank you to Ian Foster, the ASBA 202 Conference Chair, and the entire 2023 Organising Committee. Your hard work and dedication shone through, delivering yet another fantastic event.


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