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2017 Training & Innovation Day

The 2017 Training Day, where Eaton's Team Leaders from all over joined together for a fun and informative day lead by our General Manager Steven Tapsall and Managing Director Bert Smits.

The day was filled with motivational talks, laughter, training, and group exercises getting everyone out of their comfort zones and working as a team.

The first group exercises had the teams discussing why they like working for Eaton Services Group. We heard some great answers, which really cemented the importance and strength of our company values.

"We like the support from management, they are always understanding and accommodating"

"Family orientated"

"The ability to move up through the ranks, to grow within the company"

"Client satisfaction - we love hearing the client is happy with our hard work"

"The ability to support our families, and that management is flexible and understanding when there is problems at home - I had to move homes and they happily changed my site so I could keep working with Eaton's"

The next activity had the teams discussing what the industry would be like in 2025, what technology would they like to see implemented? Some of these answers had the whole room in fits of laugher - we don't think we'll be seeing many of these pop up any time soon!

"Self-dissolving rubbish"

"Jet packs for high window cleans"

"Hover boards instead of buggies"

"A substance that will make toilet bowls so non-stick so 'nothing' can ever stick to it" - hilarious, but we hope so too!!

The day ended after a bite to eat, a few more laughs, and some guest speakers, keeping the team updated on current and upcoming technology we plan to roll out across all sites. We discussed our brand new product - Ozone, and our QAIR software, and finished with another uplifting and personal development discussion from Steve.

The team days at Eaton's are always a favourite on our work calendar, and this year was no exception. It was wonderful to see a room full of smiling faces, and left us positive we will be sending our teams out full of knowledge and motivated to make 2017 another productive, and progressive year.

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