Two simple products to protect in the coronavirus era

As restrictions continue to ease across some states of Australia, many businesses are working tirelessly to ensure they are fully prepared for their return to full operation while following the government's new hygiene guidelines. The guidelines include checking with local authorities to ensure you can operate, ensuring the wellbeing of workers is prioritised, implementing suitable social distancing measures, and ensuring the best practices are being used for hygiene and cleaning.

With our environment changing so dramatically over the past nine months, thousands of new cleaning and sanitisation products have flooded the market. Many consumers are finding it overwhelming to choose the right product for their unique business needs. Therefore, we thought we would share a little about two amazing products we have selected and why.


Most hand sanitisers (specifically sanitisers with over 80% alcohol content) are designed to kill bacteria and germs on contact. Still, the moment you pick up a cell phone, touch a door handle or shake somebody's hands, you have got the potential to be re-infected. Our favourite hand sanitiser is a little bit different; the product claims to stick to the skin and keeps protecting for up to 24 hours!


On application, the hands feel silky and moisturised without leaving a visible film or coating. A single application of the GERMFREE-24 Hand Sanitiser acts like a glove, providing an invisible antibacterial shield that delivers added protection against an extensive range of germs and bacteria.

While it must be applied to clean hands to be effective, the product is alcohol-free, eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, and has been dermatologically tested on a range of skin types – with zero reactions recorded.



The Zoono® Microbe Shield Z-71 Surface Spray is a revolutionary, highly effective water-based antibacterial technology available in a surface sanitiser that continuously works to eliminate germs for an extended period. It is safe for use near people, animals, and plants, and contains no chlorine, no thickeners, no stabilisers, no colourants, no dyes, no fragrances, and no additives.

Microbe Shield is designed to complement current best practice cleaning for hospitals and healthcare environments where hygiene is paramount. Designed specifically to be used "in addition to" current cleaning practices, Zoono® amplifies decontamination efforts. Being an alcohol-free, odourless, non-staining, water-based solution, Zoono® is more kind on most equipment, surfaces, or even fabrics.

Zoono® is being adopted by thousands of reputable brands across to globe to help protect their consumers and employees. Recent examples include:

  • Qantas is using Zoono® sanitiser wipes in their Fly Well Packs aimed at keeping travellers healthy while travelling.

  • The London underground has undergone an enhanced clean using Zoono®'s powerful Microbe Shield Z-71 to help against the spread of COVID-19.


Zoono® received Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) support to amend its product packaging to include claims Z-71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser is an effective disinfectant for hard surfaces against germs and bacteria!

Visit our website for more information about Zoono® and the advanced technology used to offer longer-lasting protection against a wide range of pathogens.


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