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COVID-19 deep clean success at local gym

Our response to a Brisbane COVID-19 outbreak -12th March 2021

Just two months after the Greater Brisbane area went into a mandatory three-day lock-down in response to a COVID-19 case, government experts announced a new local infection on Friday, 12th March.

A local Doctor contracted COVID-19 from a patient at Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital after coming into an earlier contract with two COVID-19 patients. Upon identifying the new case, Queensland Health swiftly issued an urgent health alert and followed up with a contract tracing alert on 13th March to prevent any further outbreak.

Three venues in Brisbane's south, including a cafe and a gym, were listed as high-risk exposure sites after the doctor visited them while she was infectious with COVID-19.

With COVID-19 now very much part of our everyday lives, the process of good hygiene, contract tracing and even quarantine has become remarkably familiar. This familiarity is supported by our knowledge of what to do in each scenario. What might not be as familiar is the process of decontamination after identification of a venue as a Close Contact Site.

With the latest outbreak, the Corporate Box Gym in East Brisbane was one of the three named in the high-risk venue list. As part of their immediate response, the business's management contracted Eaton Services Group to activate a critical COVID-19 Decontamination Clean of the facility.

Our specialist decontamination team was instantaneously activated and on site the same day to begin.

The entire facility underwent a deep clean, which included:

  • Closure of the facility.

  • General cleaning of all surfaces and application of TGA registered Oxivir Five 16 Smart Dose hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the facility. The broad-spectrum disinfectant is known for its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) and a host of other pathogens, including VRE, MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus and Influenza A.

  • As an additional barrier for the facility, we applied a long-lasting antibacterial fogging solution called Zoono® Z-71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser. The product was used to initiate a protective barrier over the cleaned surfaces. Zoono® products have been successfully tested against a variety of bacteria and germs. Specifically, the Z-71 Microbe Shield was tested against the COVID-19 surrogate Feline Coronavirus, with a confirmed efficacy at 4.33Log (greater than 99.9% efficacy).

  • The disinfectant and antibacterial products were applied per the recommended guidelines and allowed to dwell on each surface to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • Following decontamination, the facility was ventilated for an appropriate amount of time before reopening for business.

With the community and our team's safety our number one priority, our cleaning operatives are continually educated on the risks of COVID-19 and have a deep understanding of the products and cleaning techniques required to decontaminate a property quickly and effectively. Our strict OH&S policies offer worker protection, and we are proud to be an essential part of keeping Australia healthy and protected from a global pandemic that is far from over.

For more information about the status of COVID-19 in Queensland, head to Queensland Government Statistics hub and the Queensland Health website.


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