Farewell Wes, you will be missed!

Saying farewell to a valued co-worker and employee is often a bittersweet experience, and it is how we would describe the recent departure of Wes Barrie from the Eaton Services Group team.

Wes has been a valued part of the Eaton Services Group framework for over 10 years, supporting our clients with exceptional customer service and cleaning experience in one of our Brisbane commercial facilities. We will undoubtedly miss Wes’s dedication to our team; he always supported his co-workers and was a born leader within our organisation.

Our team has learned a lot from working with Wes, his support and encouragement were always appreciated, and we are grateful for his many contributions. We’ll share nothing but all his good memories here, and we wish him the warmest congratulations on his future endeavours.

Thank you, Wes, for your 10+ years of service. We are sad to see you leave but happy for the adventures your new endeavours will bring.

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