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Keeping Queensland Schools Safer


We have been told that we need to prepare for a possible rebound of the COVID-19 epidemic in the coming weeks, and with other states already seeing a spike in cases, Queensland is now under more pressure than ever. After recording daily surges in Victoria and New South Wales, the second wave has arrived, and our younger generation is now at higher risk.

As numerous schools closed this week (in Sydney and another in SEQ recently) for deep cleaning after several persons tested positive to COVID-19, it has become apparent that Queensland education providers cannot sit back or become complacent in our efforts to protect our students and staff from a potential second outbreak.

Queenslander's need to prepare themselves to fight this pandemic head-on, and there is an arsenal of tools and advanced cleaning methods available and ready to defend - with some providing long-lasting protection against germs and bacteria.

Eaton Services Group, Managing Director, Bert Smits explains “COVID 19 has changed the way we clean. While it is important to maintain good hygiene and keep your premises clean and sanitised, we have a fully tested antibacterial solution that can offer extended cleaning support for a range of pathogens”.

Safe Work Australia states that a combination of old-fashioned cleaning and disinfection is the most effective way to remove the virus. But people, concerned about the coronavirus, might want an extra level of reassurance and this is where Eaton Services Group has been helping.

Eaton Services Group has been supporting hundreds of clients across Queensland and other states to provide specialised general, precautionary and decontamination cleaning. By using hero products, like SAO ‘Stabilised Aqueous Ozone’ and Zoono® Z-71 Microbe Shield surface protectant, Eaton's have implemented a successful 3 step strategy of ‘cleanse, disinfect + protect’, to become a vital link in the chain of outbreak protection.

In particular, the unrivalled difference between the Zoono® surface protectant and others lies in Zoono®’s ability to stay active and continue killing germs for long periods, while other products on the market may only sanitise a surface, leaving it to be contaminated again within minutes or hours.

“The Zoono® antibacterial fogging and decontamination solutions we offer are in extremely high demand, especially from schools looking to protect their students. The microbe shield product is TGA registered and has been independently tested by a third party to show that it kills germs, including a coronavirus surrogate” said Bert.

This was confirmed by Zoono® in their ASX announcements in February and March this year, confirming that both the Z-71 and their hand sanitiser product has been tested against the surrogate feline coronavirus (an accepted surrogate for COVID-19) and has shown to be effective at >99.9%.

Already trusted by brands across the world, Zoono® is being adopted by thousands of reputable brands, helping them to protect their consumers and employees. Recent examples include:

  • Qantas is using Zoono sanitiser wipes in their ‘Fly Well Packs’ aimed at keeping travellers healthy while travelling;

  • The London underground has undergone an enhanced clean using Zoono®'s powerful Microbe Shield Z-71 to help against the spread of COVID-19; and

  • Woolworths’ 900 plus supermarkets across Australia will be stocking Zoono®’s hand sanitisers later this year with the products molecule destroying germs through a mechanical process rather than poisoning or dehydrating them - which makes it safe for children and pets, and environmentally friendly.

Considering this rapid spread of the virus, it is fortunate that COVID-19 has been mostly mild for a large percentage of diagnosed patients and to date, in Australia, we have been lucky to have seen a relatively low overall fatality rate. With the virus’ incubation period ranging from two to 14 days, according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, it is essential to take preventative measures in keeping your premises and their occupants safe.

Eaton’s, Executive General Manager, Steven Tapsall says, “It seems that the more problems a pathogen faces, the harder it is for it to survive long term. We have invested heavily in ensuring we are able to provide our clients and local schools with the best products available, and we will continue to look for new ways to fight this virus now and into the future. Fighting this highly contagious coronavirus is serious business for us”.

By further paying attention to frequently touched surfaces and high traffic areas like that of the school classroom, bathrooms and playground equipment, schools and communities can help avoid another Queensland lock-down.

While nothing can beat the human touch for professional and successful cleaning or decontamination, solutions like Antibacterial fogging has fast become a go-to in keeping our schools safer for students and teachers to occupy. The services give cleaning providers the ability to spray or fog large spaces and reach those hard to reach locations where germs and bacteria can hide. With experts agreeing that a multilayered approach of social distancing, hand washing, effective sanitisation and disinfection are required to beat the curve, adding additional protection like antibacterial fogging can create a strengthened system to help fight against COVID-19.

As of 27/07, Australia had over 14,935 confirmed cases and 161 deaths; this virus needs to be taken seriously. While, most people who fall sick with COVID-19, will experience mild to moderate symptoms, and recover without special treatment. It is a critical time for our state, and we must remain on high alert. Remember, we are in this together, so keep washing your hands, clean, disinfect and protect surfaces.

REMINDER – IF YOU ARE UNSURE GET TESTED Typical coronavirus patients develop a fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath; however, these symptoms may appear at different times or not at all.

If you have any symptoms, go, and get tested. Stay home while awaiting your results and if possible, keeping your loved ones and children at home during this time also may help.


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