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Thank You From Our Students

Cleaning is a huge part of the world we live in and its importance has been significantly showcased across 2020. Our every day, skilled and hardworking cleaners work late into the night to ensure every office, classroom, laboratory or local shopping service centre are presented at their best and ready for the next business day. They are like magical elves, you don’t see them vacuum the floor, empty the bins, clean the windows, polish the floors or make sure the amenities are clean and fresh. Usually, all this happens after working hours. It’s sometimes a case of out of sight, out of mind.

This year, however, our cleaners are feeling the appreciation. It is with pride that we share just a small sample of the thank you's many of our cleaners have received. These messages make their hard work that much easier.

From our friends at Cannon Hill Anglican College CHAC

"A big shout out this week to our amazing cleaners who have been working hard behind the scenes - we appreciate everything you do!"

Letters from students at Loretto College

Thank you students and thank you to our amazing cleaners. Your dedication to your job and the businesses we support is what makes all the difference.


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