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Zoono® Supports Post-Pandemic Protocols

The Latest Update from Zoono®

As governments start to lift lockdown restrictions across the globe and people begin to interact with friends, colleagues increasingly and consider the idea of travelling more (at least domestically), many are searching for effective ways to stop the spread of bacteria and harmful germs.

Even with the proven benefits of video apps like Zoom or Skype for Business, people and businesses are keen to be back on the road. Families have welcomed winter escapes, and leisure travellers have itchy feet on booking their next getaway.

But travelling about our country – even if only for a short trip to North Queensland or a domestic flight to Sydney – is extraordinarily different in this post-pandemic world. We now have a responsibility to sanitise, disinfect, social distance and provide improved protection.

This is where Zoono® has been revolutionary support for our service offering. As an authorised service provider and distributor for Zoono®, we are on the frontline of supporting local Australian businesses, education facilities, ports, and distribution facilities in remaining open for business.

Using products like the Zoono® Z-71 Microbe Shield, we have provided our customers with amazing antibacterial tools for long-lasting protection. Zoono® has had to pass several efficacy tests to be approved by some of the world's most trusted organisations. Companies that put their people and customers first rushing to incorporate this product into their strict protocols.

What is Z-71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser?

The product is an antibacterial solution intended to create a protective layer on surfaces to create a long-lasting repellent against microbes. Zoono® Surface Sanitiser forms a long-lasting antibacterial shield that bonds to surfaces and protects surfaces to help prevent the spread of germs. Zoono® has been proven effective against many bacteria and germs to give you peace of mind that you, your family, and your business are protected.

The product is sprayed onto critical surfaces and touchpoints to help keep the area germ-free longer. Z-71 is suitable for households, offices, hospitality, healthcare, commercial kitchens, education facilities, livestock, businesses, and transportation. Z-71 has been successfully tested against the recognised surrogate for coronavirus COVID-19 in a UKAS Accredited Laboratory (UK). The Australian TGA allows Zoono® to make COVID-19 claims on their Z-71 surface product also.

It is recommended that the Zoono® Surface Sanitiser is applied monthly via Fogging application, applied to a clean surface, and allowed a minimum 5-minute dwell time on surfaces for best results.

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